Eden Dungan, Field Team Volunteer

Eden Dungan

Eden Dungan’s first meeting with SAS Ai scholars

Meet Eden Dungan, SAS Ai Field Team volunteer. She, along with six other professionals, make up the Field Team. We take great pride in the work of our Field Team members. Collectively they are the face of SAS Ai on the school campus. Their work encompasses looking after our scholars’ needs and welfare. More importantly, the Field Team holds the scholars accountable for their class attendance, school work and grades, personal behavior on and off the school campus. The Field Team processes applications for financial aid.

Eden firmly believes good education is important to one’s future and success. In her civil service work for the municipal government of Sudipen, La Union, she meets many young people disadvantaged by barely knowing how to read and write. Eden knows their predicament and concludes out loud, “No wonder they cannot compete even for the most menial jobs.”

Her wish to help the young, gifted kids in our assistance program, prompted her to join our Field Team. A most personable and gifted person, friendly and affable, Eden brings much to our program.