Who supports SAS Ai?

Ms Edna Reyes

Edna Reyes, RN

Meet Edna Reyes, RN. She’s your typical supporter of SAS Ai’s mission to help bright kids who come from poor families get a high school education through financial aid. She sponsors one of our scholars.

Edna Reyes attended and graduated from Nursing school in the Philippines earning her RN soon afterwards. She hails from the great province of Nueva Ecija in the eastern seaboard of the biggest island in the Philippine archipelago, Luzon. She fondly remembers growing up surrounded not by great wealth and opulence but by spartan furnishings in a humble but happy home where she dealt with hard work that never seemed to end. Such was the existence for a great majority of Filipinos trapped in a jobless environment. With her Nursing license, a great wish to lift herself up by her own bootstraps, and to forge a new way of life, she left her home and came to America.

She competed very well in her chosen field, rising to Director of Assisted Living Facilities in a multi-million dollar statewide company. Edna Reyes looks back at her past and with incredulity recalls times she endured extreme and abject poverty. She concludes that education propelled her flight to freedom. She firmly believes that education liberates.

With her donation to the scholarship fund she makes real the dreams of these bright kids who come from poor homes. .