One Good Samaritan

Charles Wilson

Charles Wilson

It came to pass after I had presented SAS Ai’s mission to our brother knights in our local council that Mr Wilson came to see me in the library after Bible study.

A reserved man with a friendly disposition, he asked me, “When you said these kids were from poor families, how poor are we talking about?”

“Did I miss that point in my presentation?” I thought inwardly, “oh well….” I felt delighted that at least one person listened to my presentation. I was more than pleased to tell him, “These families make and live on an annual gross income of less than P50,000 Philippine pesos, or roughly $1167 USD a year depending on the exchange rate.”

He was quiet for a moment. He trained his gaze at me and I couldn’t help but notice his glasses fogging up. Taking off his spectacles he wiped the lenses with his t-shirt. “That is a month’s salary of a fast food worker,” he commented as he checked each lens for smudges, “man alive! … How can anyone make it on $1167 a year?”

I let his comment sink in. I knew he knew the answer. I waited.

Slowly he handed me a check. “Best I can do this year,” he said, “wretched business.” It sounded like hissing.

His very charitable gesture rendered me speechless. I felt so grateful I hugged him. I think I embarrassed Mr Wilson but his generosity overwhelmed me. One fortunate bright kid will attend high school compliments of Mr Wilson, one good Samaritan.