Candle Light

Candle Light

Like the light of one candle, education disperses the darkness of ignorance

In the darkness we grope, we guess, we randomly stab at imaginary notions and ideas. Knowledge streams, oozing from dreams, made real by our slowly awakening consciousness. Cognition. Kinesthesia. Or Immersion in the affective domain; we learn. Our confidence improves and even in the inky darkness a glimmer of light crackles into a sliver of hope.

The more we know, the more we question. Voraciously questioning whets our appetite, the more enlightened we become, the brighter our candle light. Wind gusts come threatening to extinguish the young, tiny flame but we persist. Encouraged by the new wick, soaked in and sopping with fuel we stay eager to learn. Brighter and brighter our candle light burns, the surrounding shadows recoil, giving way to the brilliant star-burst of our genius.

Our candle light joins a sea of flickering newly lit candles. Humanity enlightened. Shadows of ignorance melt away to dissolve in the light of a new day.

With education we transcend fear of the unknown. With education we free ourselves from the curse of mediocrity. With education we embrace a radiant, promising future of excellence.