One Good Samaritan

Charles Wilson

Charles Wilson

It came to pass after I had presented SAS Ai’s mission to our brother knights in our local council that Mr Wilson came to see me in the library after Bible study.

A reserved man with a friendly disposition, he asked me, “When you said these kids were from poor families, how poor are we talking about?”

“Did I miss that point in my presentation?” I thought inwardly, “oh well….” I felt delighted that at least one person listened to my presentation. I was more than pleased to tell him, “These families make and live on an annual gross income of less than P50,000 Philippine pesos, or roughly $1167 USD a year depending on the exchange rate.”

He was quiet for a moment. He trained his gaze at me and I couldn’t help but notice his glasses fogging up. Taking off his spectacles he wiped the lenses with his t-shirt. “That is a month’s salary of a fast food worker,” he commented as he checked each lens for smudges, “man alive! … How can anyone make it on $1167 a year?”

I let his comment sink in. I knew he knew the answer. I waited.

Slowly he handed me a check. “Best I can do this year,” he said, “wretched business.” It sounded like hissing.

His very charitable gesture rendered me speechless. I felt so grateful I hugged him. I think I embarrassed Mr Wilson but his generosity overwhelmed me. One fortunate bright kid will attend high school compliments of Mr Wilson, one good Samaritan.


Candle Light

Candle Light

Like the light of one candle, education disperses the darkness of ignorance

In the darkness we grope, we guess, we randomly stab at imaginary notions and ideas. Knowledge streams, oozing from dreams, made real by our slowly awakening consciousness. Cognition. Kinesthesia. Or Immersion in the affective domain; we learn. Our confidence improves and even in the inky darkness a glimmer of light crackles into a sliver of hope.

The more we know, the more we question. Voraciously questioning whets our appetite, the more enlightened we become, the brighter our candle light. Wind gusts come threatening to extinguish the young, tiny flame but we persist. Encouraged by the new wick, soaked in and sopping with fuel we stay eager to learn. Brighter and brighter our candle light burns, the surrounding shadows recoil, giving way to the brilliant star-burst of our genius.

Our candle light joins a sea of flickering newly lit candles. Humanity enlightened. Shadows of ignorance melt away to dissolve in the light of a new day.

With education we transcend fear of the unknown. With education we free ourselves from the curse of mediocrity. With education we embrace a radiant, promising future of excellence.

Who supports SAS Ai?

Ms Edna Reyes

Edna Reyes, RN

Meet Edna Reyes, RN. She’s your typical supporter of SAS Ai’s mission to help bright kids who come from poor families get a high school education through financial aid. She sponsors one of our scholars.

Edna Reyes attended and graduated from Nursing school in the Philippines earning her RN soon afterwards. She hails from the great province of Nueva Ecija in the eastern seaboard of the biggest island in the Philippine archipelago, Luzon. She fondly remembers growing up surrounded not by great wealth and opulence but by spartan furnishings in a humble but happy home where she dealt with hard work that never seemed to end. Such was the existence for a great majority of Filipinos trapped in a jobless environment. With her Nursing license, a great wish to lift herself up by her own bootstraps, and to forge a new way of life, she left her home and came to America.

She competed very well in her chosen field, rising to Director of Assisted Living Facilities in a multi-million dollar statewide company. Edna Reyes looks back at her past and with incredulity recalls times she endured extreme and abject poverty. She concludes that education propelled her flight to freedom. She firmly believes that education liberates.

With her donation to the scholarship fund she makes real the dreams of these bright kids who come from poor homes. .