Persistence is key

I watched an ant caught in an ant lion’s den frantically try to escape. One step at a time, the ant scaled the loose, sandy slope. As soon as the ant gained a couple of steps the sandy slope gave way and the ant found itself halfway towards the bottom. Up the slope the ant climbed again. It seemed to take the ant forever to scale the loose sandy slope. Up, down. Up, down. Not giving up the ant kept climbing.

Ant Lion in its den

Pincers deployed, the ant lion patiently waits (photo used with permission)

At the bottom of the funnel-shaped den the ant lion’s pincers protruded. No doubt the ant lion eagerly anticipated dinner tumbling into its ready pincers. No napkins necessary; no need for a knife and fork. Ant sashimi… yummy.

The ant had other ideas. It wanted to live. No time regretting the mistake of recklessly tramping and treading around ant lion hill. It endured. The ant adapted. It improvised. It persevered.

The ant persisted. It lived to tell the tale of its escape from the dreaded ant lion’s den.