What do you see?


Even birds do it. . .

My six-year old nephew declared, “I see two birds. Let me get my slingshot. Bet ya I could shoot at least one of them down.” He sounded almost delirious.

His comment horrified me. Such violence! Where did he pick it up?

Then I asked my 12-year old niece the same question, “What do you see?”

“Love birds,” she said. “They are building a nest. They have selected a good spot and come Spring the leaves will give their home cover. By then, they will have eggs to hatch too.” She smugly expressed her opinion.

“Hmmm…” I thought. “The nesting impulse comes early for girls.” My nephew, however, expressed his preference in hunting weaponry – a slingshot.

Then I heard some other observations. “I can kill two birds with one stone,” said a middle-aged man.

“I get blow gun. I shoot bird. Good food,” said a Hmong tribesman. His Cambodian buddy agreed. They proceeded to discuss recipes.

Amazing how differently we each look at the world around us. I surmise that our observations depend on our situation, our culture, perception, sense of values, present needs, our priorities – and yes, our upbringing.

Let me ask you the same question. “Look at the picture. What do you see?” Want to share a comment or two?