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Class Salutatorian

Arthien Lovell Pelingen – Class Salutatorian – SAS Ai scholar

“Look at this young man. He has lived up to his promise when he applied for help.” – A supporter from Bangar, La Union

“For my money, SAS Ai has the best-managed assistance program. The Field Team is right there on the spot to help these young scholars.” A donor from Ottawa, Canada

“I seem to recall there were other groups that sent money back to Tagudin for some needy kids going to high school. What happened to the kids? Who knows? Nobody kept track of them. They sent the money into a black hole – I think.” A sponsor from San Diego, California

“SAS Ai is the only 501(c)(3) organization I know helping the smart kids who come from poor families get an excellent high school education at SAS. We need to support this SAS Alumni International organization. It is an excellently managed charity organization. SAS Ai deserves our support.” A SAS Ai supporter and proponent from Houston, Texas.

“I am so proud of my son Arthien. We are poor. This poverty has not dampened Arthien’s love for learning. We were so fortunate to have SAS Ai come to our rescue. I lost one of my two jobs due to company downsizing and we needed help. The pay is so little. If not for SAS Ai, I don’t know how Arthien would have finished high school. Thank you SAS Ai.” The proud mother of Arthien Lovell Pelingen on her son’s graduation as class salutatorian

Comments such as these are enough for us SAS Ai volunteers to persist in our mission. JOIN us in helping these bright kids who are too poor to afford high school by donating to the scholarship fund. Thank you.


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