Board of Trustees meeting

SAS Ai BOT meeting

Taken by the Tiburon Ferry in San Francisco

With the sun shining brightly the chill was still palpable. The first SAS Ai corporate board meeting was going well and on schedule. Everybody remained upbeat working into the evening. The members discussed many items and issues. Among them the nagging issue of how to transition the Field Team leadership.

Willie Santamaria, Andring Ladi, Leonardjon Buenavista, and Virgie Buban, all residents of the San Francisco Bay Area, hosted the meeting. Virgie catered the breakfasts. Willie steered the group on sightseeing tours. Andring and Leonard took care of the logistics.

By all accounts the meeting was productive. In attendance were:

  1. Atty Romeo J Somera, President and CEO – Louisiana
  2. Tina Laycano, Auditor – Canada
  3. Nora Sprenger, Scholarship Committee – Canada
  4. Elizabeth Somera, Treasurer – Texas
  5. Willie Santamaria, Scholarship Committee – California
  6. Leonardjon Buenavista, BOT – California
  7. Andring Ladi, BOT – California
  8. C Buenavista, VP, Chair Scholarship Committee – Florida
  9. Virginia Buban, Honorary BOT – California
  10. Jingle Uy, BOT – Iowa (could not make it)

The BOT gathers next in a 2013 meeting, the date and place are still under consideration.