The SAS Ai Field Team

SAS Ai Field Team

The SAS Ai Field Team with Estrellita G Purugganan, Treasurer

The SAS Ai scholarship program employs a Field Team locally based in Tagudin. The Field Team recruits applicants and looks after the welfare of the scholars. They also check on the academic performance, and the scholar’s behavior on and off campus. They regularly report their findings and observations to the scholarship committee.

The Field Team ensures that the scholars keep up their grades and that they attend monthly meetings. The Field Team also regularly checks with the home room teacher on the scholar’s school work and they supervise the Internet CAFE activities of the scholars and help them with their school supplies.

The success and effectiveness of the SAS Ai scholarship program rests on the shoulders of the Field Team. They work right there where the rubber meets the road. Without the Field Team, the help beneficiary is left to his or her own devices. Without any accountability required of the beneficiary, the financial help given might as well have been an investment loss.

Mr Albert D Bunoan heads the SAS Ai Field Team. Working professionals, business owners and operators, most with school age children volunteer as members of the Field Team. The Field Team is the face of SAS Alumni International present there in Tagudin and on the SAS campus.

The SAS Ai Field Team makes our non-profit organization the premier organization and the standard of measurement for all other providers to follow.