The 2010 SAS Centennial

Margie and Fred

Love in bloom

“When you look at me like that my knees turn to jello,” Fred didn’t utter those exact words but his eyes spoke them plainly as he gazed into Margie’s bright eyes and radiant smile.

Margie and Fred were both at the 2010 SAS centennial celebration along with members of SAS Batch 1958. It was the night of the SAS Ai community ball. There was dancing, reminiscing with classmates and reliving past school day memories.

Static electricity charged the atmosphere. Sparks flew and their friends knew what was about to happen. Love was in the air. Three raffles were held during the program and in one of them, Margie won a prize. Momentarily she hesitated going alone up the stage to claim her prize. But Fred was ready to lend his services. Margie glanced at Fred. Fred dutifully escorted her up the stage. They marched to the rhythm of the music, gracefully, playfully, manifesting open delight in each other’s company.

The night wore on; the moon traversed the night sky. The Milky Way was all that remained. Underneath a canopy of twinkling stars Fred and Margie fully understood the message of the moment. Love walked in, sweeping them both off of their feet.

The next time they descended and walked on the ground was when they exchanged vows as Mr and Mrs Fred and Margie Lasmarias.