Mr Mariano Taay, Field Team Volunteer

Stephanie Taay with her Grandfather Mr Mariano Taay

Mr Mariano Taay and his granddaughter Stephanie in front of their house in Sevilla

Mr Mariano Taay (photo at right) is a retired school teacher. In his life as a retiree, he enjoys the peace and quiet of his surroundings. He does not miss the cacophony of the classroom. He is into beach combing, cat naps and reading good books.

Mr Mariano Taay understands how important education is to one’s future. Fact is, he is a great proponent and advocate for education.

SAS Ai selected his granddaughter, Stephanie Kaye (photo at right) as a SAS Ai scholar and is now attending SAS high school. Mr Taay is very proud of his granddaughter’s intelligence and moxie. When SAS Ai selected Stephanie as one of the scholars for school year 2011 Mr Taay was not surprised. He fully expected it. His granddaughter is smart and comes from a needy family.


Albert D Bunoan, Field Team Leader

Mr Mariano Taay volunteers as a member of the Field Team. Albert Bunoan, (photo at left) Field Team leader, was pleasantly surprised when Mr Taay showed up at one of the weekly scholar meetings. He said he was there to help in any way. When the scholars had their Christmas Party last year and none of the other Field Team members could make it because of family obligations, Mr Taay showed up to lend Albert a hand with the party logistics. The Christmas Party went well and as planned.

On behalf of our President and CEO, Atty Romeo J Somera, CPA, and Field Team Leader Albert D Bunoan I would like to thank Mr Mariano Taay and formally recognize his unselfish service to SAS Ai, Inc. Thank you Mr Taay for your hard work.