Karen Paola Makil, SAS Ai’s Topnotch Scholar

Karen's Dad pins Karen's honor roll ribbon in 2012

Above photo shows Mr Makil proudly pinning Karen’s honor roll ribbon (she is holding the honor certificate). Karen is all smiles.

Ever since her Freshman year three years ago, Karen Paola Makil has distinguished herself as the “perennial Honor Roll scholar” of SAS Ai. She hasn’t missed a year yet.

She has won more Founders Medal awards than any other SAS Ai scholar. The Founders medal is awarded for exemplary scholastic achievement work, responsible citizenship and leadership abilities. Karen exemplifies all these traits and characteristics.

The photo at left shows Karen Paola at the 2012 end of year commencement exercises. Again she garnered a decent position in the Honor Roll. Here we see Mr Makil proudly pinning Karen’s honor roll ribbon while she holds and shows off her certificate. Karen stands as an excellent example of a motivated and responsible student who shows her appreciation for the scholarship assistance by performing at her best always. Her performance shows how an assistance program, such as, SAS Ai’s can truly help bright kids who come from poor families get a good high school education at SAS.