What touches the human heart…

What touches the human heart? Is it love for one’s fellowman, or is it sympathy for the other person’s plight? Is it the memory of some distant place where we may have been? When we see the human condition of poverty, of hunger, of homelessness, are we moved to do something to make things better? What of our own comfort and good fortune? Are we willing to share some of what little we have in order that others may also feel warm when it is cold, where others may also feel satisfied when they are hungry, or even feel they have gained knowledge and skill where before there was only ignorance and illiteracy? We can do some of these things, even with very little. You see, every little bit counts. Every little act of kindness, each small act of caring, every pound sterling, quid, every Canadian dollar, every Euro, Lira, Drachma, Frank, Yen, Yuan, every Deutschmark, each US dollar or HongKong dollar – wherever you are, or a monthly $45 dollar allotment to the scholarship fund will help a bright and promising kid go to SAS high school. Your act of compassion will help this bright but poor, disadvantaged child rise up from the cinders of poverty, spread his or her wings and fly high – up and toward freedom… Education is Freedom.

Helping the poor, bright and promising kids get a good high school education at SAS