Angel on SAS Ai’s Shoulder


Zaidee Tumangan is a successful SAS Alumna, businesswoman and entrepreneur. She and her husband founded and currently operate their own Montessori School for Gifted Children in California.

SAS Ai, Inc. Treasurer, Estrellita G Purugganan posted the following comment on the SAS Ai FB page, “…thank you Zaidee…for being so kind…for trusting SAS Ai for your hard earned income…May God bless you more with good health and wisdom…”

Zaidee Tumangan (photo at right) is one of many successful SAS alumni who have founded and run their own businesses all over the world. Zaidee exemplifies the famous “Ilocano Work Ethic,” that speaks of great personal sacrifice, persistence, guts and back-breaking work in pursuit of excellence. She and her husband founded and have successfully operated for the past 18 years their own Montessori School for Gifted Children in California. They are looking to expand their facilities – a true, measurable and concrete manifestation of their success.

SAS Ai, Inc. is blessed to have Zaidee’s financial support, as she and her husband are sponsoring two SAS Ai scholars beginning this school year 2013. This open act of kindness shows a deep regard and understanding of the plight of the poor families in Tagudin and the neighboring towns wherein SAS Ai recruits its applicants for financial assistance. This courageous act of compassion on the part of Zaidee and her husband also shows a transcendent attitude of charitable giving. Zaidee’s kind of altruism is rare indeed.

On behalf of our President and CEO, Atty Romeo J Somera, CPA, all the members of the BOT, and members of the Field Team, may I say thank you to Zaidee and her husband for being the angels – come to the aid of SAS Ai, Inc.