Scholarship Costs

SAS High School Scholar

SAS Ai scholar and recent high school graduate Nesza Camonas

It costs $540 dollars USD to send one scholar to one year of SAS high school. This $540 pays for:

  • Tuition and matriculation
  • Books and Publications
  • Computer LAB fees
  • School Uniforms – pants and shirt for the boys, and blouse and skirt for the girls
  • Boys’ pair of rubber shoes
  • Girls’ pair of patent leather shoes
  • Pairs of socks
  • Athletic wear
  • School supplies – pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, sewing kit, crayons, stationery
  • USB stick flash drive for computer work storage
  • Internet CAFE fee for online research and email
  • Miscellaneous fees
  • Major school project needs

Other costs involve funding for out-of-classroom activities, such as, picnics, educational excursions to provincial landmarks and historic places, hosted sleep overs to promote camaraderie, effective leadership qualities, social development and bonding amongst the scholars.

(Above Photo at right) Nesza Camonas graduated with First Honors from SAS high school, placing next and right after the class Salutatorian. She lost by 14 hundredths of a point. Nesza Camonas was an exceptionally gifted student whose broken family is being held together by her maternal grandmother. Her parents separated and no longer are in touch leaving Nesza under the care of her aging grandmother.