“Education is Freedom”


Karen and her Mom in front of their modest home await news from the Field Team regarding Karen’s application for a SAS Ai scholarship

“Education is Freedom”

Learned folks say, “A brilliant mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Many young, promising youth are bright, motivated, and driven but because they come from poor families these kids cannot even aspire to attend and finish high school at St Augustine School. The minds of these poor kids would be a terrible thing to waste. SAS Ai wants to help by offering them financial assistance to get their high school education at SAS. We need your financial help. Please donate to the scholarship fund.

What does a high school education mean to Karen? In her application essay, she wrote, “Being poor is like being shackled. It is hard to see the horizon for possibilities and opportunities. With a good high school education I will be able to expand my knowledge. Knowing more, I will be able to increase my skills and be more competitive when I look for a job. I want to help my mother with the finances. Since my father passed away, life has been twice as difficult. My mother has to sell more vegetables in the public market to make ends meet. I want to be able to help out….”

In so many words, Karen’s outlook is to be free from the shackles of poverty. Education provides her that opportunity to be free from ignorance, and to have a better chance at realizing her dream and ambition. Education is Freedom.