Scholarship Costs

SAS High School Scholar

SAS Ai scholar and recent high school graduate Nesza Camonas

It costs $540 dollars USD to send one scholar to one year of SAS high school. This $540 pays for:

  • Tuition and matriculation
  • Books and Publications
  • Computer LAB fees
  • School Uniforms – pants and shirt for the boys, and blouse and skirt for the girls
  • Boys’ pair of rubber shoes
  • Girls’ pair of patent leather shoes
  • Pairs of socks
  • Athletic wear
  • School supplies – pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, sewing kit, crayons, stationery
  • USB stick flash drive for computer work storage
  • Internet CAFE fee for online research and email
  • Miscellaneous fees
  • Major school project needs

Other costs involve funding for out-of-classroom activities, such as, picnics, educational excursions to provincial landmarks and historic places, hosted sleep overs to promote camaraderie, effective leadership qualities, social development and bonding amongst the scholars.

(Above Photo at right) Nesza Camonas graduated with First Honors from SAS high school, placing next and right after the class Salutatorian. She lost by 14 hundredths of a point. Nesza Camonas was an exceptionally gifted student whose broken family is being held together by her maternal grandmother. Her parents separated and no longer are in touch leaving Nesza under the care of her aging grandmother.


Honor Roll Student Jonel Leal

Honor Roll Student Jonel Leal

(L-R) Mrs Monica Leal and her son Jonel Leal. Jonel received an honor roll ribbon for the school year 2012 honor roll. His mother proudly pinned the ribbon on Jonel’s shirt.

Jonel is a junior going to his senior year in high school. He has maintained good grades and has remained competitive with other honor roll scholars.

Jonel is a very bright young man with ambition. He brings much pride to SAS Ai and the scholarship program.

The Definition of Poor


A kitchen in its most basic configuration

Monsoon season just hit. It’s been raining day and night for about three days now. No let up.

The family’s been preparing food in this makeshift kitchen. No sidewalls. Not even a decent roof. The fire in the stove is hard to keep ablaze. It flickers with every gust of rain-soaked wind blowing by. But, this is what this family can afford.

Money is hard to come by. This family’s annual gross income from all sources is less than P50,000 Philippine pesos…. a year’s income. Their main house is a one room enclosure made of hollow blocks with mud floors. They sleep on buri mats woven from dried palm fronds. No running water. No electricity. Just a kerosene lantern.

Both husband and wife farm an acre of land for a rich person who lives in town. The sweet potatoes turned out okay but the corn crop was not very good this year. There wasn’t much to divide between owner and  tenant farmer. This means this family’s going to have to make some adjustments to their meals, say, just eat two meals a day – if that.

The downpour turns the rice fields into ponds. Frogs, catfish, tilapia and mudfish abound and this is good for the family. It adds to the staple. The father is very entrepreneurial. He has to for him and his family to survive. He catches frogs and whatever fish swims into his traps and sells the ones they cannot eat in the public market. Muscular frogs and red-eyed mudfish can fetch a handsome price.

For the husband and wife, it’s once again time to be preparing the rice seedling plots. Life goes on for this family.

They have one child – a daughter who has shown promise in her earlier school work. This young girl shows ambition. A quick learner she maintained good grades in elementary school. She applied for scholarship assistance from SAS Ai, Inc. and was accepted. She is now a junior in high school. Next year, she will graduate from SAS high school. It will be the realization of her dream.

SAS Ai, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity organization with a mission to help bright and promising students who come from poor families get a good high school education through sponsored scholarships. Help us send these underprivileged kids to SAS high school. Donate to the scholarship fund.

“Education is Freedom”


Karen and her Mom in front of their modest home await news from the Field Team regarding Karen’s application for a SAS Ai scholarship

“Education is Freedom”

Learned folks say, “A brilliant mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Many young, promising youth are bright, motivated, and driven but because they come from poor families these kids cannot even aspire to attend and finish high school at St Augustine School. The minds of these poor kids would be a terrible thing to waste. SAS Ai wants to help by offering them financial assistance to get their high school education at SAS. We need your financial help. Please donate to the scholarship fund.

What does a high school education mean to Karen? In her application essay, she wrote, “Being poor is like being shackled. It is hard to see the horizon for possibilities and opportunities. With a good high school education I will be able to expand my knowledge. Knowing more, I will be able to increase my skills and be more competitive when I look for a job. I want to help my mother with the finances. Since my father passed away, life has been twice as difficult. My mother has to sell more vegetables in the public market to make ends meet. I want to be able to help out….”

In so many words, Karen’s outlook is to be free from the shackles of poverty. Education provides her that opportunity to be free from ignorance, and to have a better chance at realizing her dream and ambition. Education is Freedom.