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Recent Graduates

Mission Statement:  To help bright students from poor families finish SAS High School with tuition aid.

Vision:  Passing it forward. We hope that students who participate in the financial aid program will help others finish their SAS high school education by donating to the school fund and spreading the word about the program.


One of our outstanding graduates, Kyle Zyra Lazo made it to the Philippine Military Academy

Program Requirements:  To apply for the financial aid program you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Elementary School Grade Point Average of 87% or higher coming out of 7th grade.
  2. Family financial situation – annual gross income (all sources) must not exceed PhP90,000.
  3. Must pass the personal interview and meet the essay requirements.
  4. Must have good character references, have good conduct reports, steadily maintained excellent grades and good study habits, and most important of all:  must want to attend and graduate SAS High School.



DONATIONS to the School Fund from our friends in CANADA

Please donate to the school fund to help bright kids from poor families finish SAS high school with financial aid. St Augustine School Alumni International is a non-profit organization recognized by the the IRS under the 501(c)(3) tax code. All donations are tax deductible.